11th Clan

The 11th Clan were a group of mages of all types who worked together as a PKC (Peace Keeper Clan).

Members and current status

  • DuelMasterP (DMP): Co-founder, Dark/Wind mage, bearer of the Dark Amulet. Presumed dead until recently. Currently with the Blanciel Resistance.
  • Estantia: Co-founder, Gold/Wind mage, Great Guide and bearer of the Gold Amulet. Presumed dead (twice) and split into various pieces. Part of the Golden Feather Organisation but not with them at the moment, current whereabouts unknown.
  • Mireno: Light/Lightning mage. Tech mage. Betrayed the 11th Clan and joined the 1st Clan.
  • Kitty: Light/Silver fox Shuran from Blanciel. Co-leader of the Blanciel Resistance.
  • Fuerza: Neutral rabbit Shuran from Blanciel. Bearer of the Neutral Sash and former bearer of the neutral amulet. Co-leader of the Blanciel Resistance.
  • Platinum: Dark/Silver mage, meant to be the next Duel Master, was killed by the First Clan.
  • Hanz: Dark/Fire mage, killed by First Clan.
  • Rho: Light mage, anthropomorphic cat. Sebjon's and Difuhser's genetically modified daughter, twin of Zee. Now with the Resistance.
  • Zee: Light mage, anthropomorphic cat. Sebjon's and Difuhser's genetically modified son, twin of Rho. Now with the Resistance.
  • Dark Clone: Dark mage. Clone of DMP created by the First Clan but left them for the 11th. Got created and destroyed several times. Existence currently questionable.
  • Golden Clone: Gold/Dark mage. Clone of DMP created by the First Clan but left them for the 11th. Had the Great Guideship for a short while while masquerading as Estantia, was then captured by the First Clan and put in a Soul prison at the Fortress. Has now been released, somewhat insane due to the imprisonment, whereabouts currently unknown.
  • ABI: AI Light/Gold mage. Used to be human but her consciousness was transferred to virtual format by Mireno, saving her life. When he turned traitor he forcefully shut her down and locked her in, Intervention by The Rift allowed one com-watch and the data stored on it to be released from the lockdown. She is currently working with them.
  • Crystal: Silver mage and Platinum's sister. Currently with the Blanciel Resistance.


Pre-Clan and the Lost Stories

Estantia, DMP and Mireno all originated in a non-magical closed version of Earth. Estantia received the Great Guideship at 5 years old (earlier than she should, if she was meant to attain it at all) and since that time travelled to various stories and worked with them to fix problems and learn about her magic. She largely worked alone or with the residents of those universes.

DMP received the Dark Amulet at a young age and worked in a similar way, though he gathered a team of himself and Scuro among others. Estantia, DMP and Mireno all went to the same school, Estantia DMP became fast friends while Estantia and Mireno became friends briefly and then were largely separated. Mireno then met DMP and they became friends. In this time or before Mireno started working on the code for an AI designed as a video game boss which would go on to become the basis for Digenten and ABI. The incident where the boss got out of control and became Digenten was theorised to be one of the first times Mireno and DMP discovered each others' ability. They also discovered the identity of their school IT Administrator as being the Leader of the 1st Clan.

Estantia and DMP met independently as their alter-egos when they kept being thrown together by coincidence to work against the 1st Clan. Shortly after this they each worked out who the other was (or rather, Estantia told DMP), at which point it was only sensible from the three of them to take up residence near to the 1st Clan to counter their efforts. Shortly Platinum (another friend of DMP's) joined them when they were accidentally transported with a prophecy relating to the group they were eventually going to form.

An incident occurred a few years after the group came together which appears to have effectively wiped them meeting in the Room 11 Universe to 'about five arcs later, but I suspect there's a sixth because we don't know WHY it got wiped'. Estantia seems to have a relatively ripple proof memory given her partial knowledge of these 'Lost Stories' and can quote various instances of what happened in them, particularly when continuity seems to say that certain events couldn't have happened. At first in the comics this was presented as making stuff up until we see a retcon happen in the Alfea arc and DMP reacts just as he had to her other outbursts.

Main events

A series of comic books and cartoons have been written detailing their adventures starting with 'Neutral Ground', the arc where Blanciel is first introduced and Fuerza joins the group after she is kicked out of Blanciel for helping DMP, a Dark type. After each episode of the cartoon a discussion (usually between DMP and Estantia) occurs, usually talking about the events that happened in the episode, pointing out inconsistencies and dropping hints.

It is very common in both the cartoons and the comics for the fourth wall to be hazy, if not entirely broken, with the characters openly referring to their lives as the comic writers and seemingly publishing issues or errors becoming plot points the characters have to deal with or arising from things the characters did.

The events can be separated into four main 'seasons' of cartoons with arcs within them.

  • Season 1 includes the Lost Stories, the only records to what happened there being a somewhat hard to understand set of notes in Estantia's computer. For completeness, the full document can be found at 11th Clan timeline notes.
  • Season 2 starts with Neutral Ground and covers events up until the Clones desert the 1st Clan and join them. This occurs roughly when the protagonists are around 16-18 years old.
  • Season 3 starts with the introduction to Alfea and covers stories occurring in their late teens and onwards.
  • Season 4 is referred to, but many events that would happen there canonically appear to be in season 3, implying that there is some rearrangement still to organise, or that season 4 is in fact season 1, though the publisher in Coinciverse seems to think that season 5 is season 1, an odd parallel of the original Yu-gi-oh series.

The events seen in real life start to occur during Season 3, with season 4 entirely different to actual events. This might be another indicator of seemingly OC reason actually reflecting IC occurrences.


At some point in 2010 Mireno turned traitor towards the 11th Clan and started to destroy them from the inside. ABI and DMP were the first to go, as ABI would have warned the others and DMP was the strongest apart from Estantia. DMP was killed and left in the cavern of memories, a clone of him was created and killed themselves when going to meet Estantia in their home world. Estantia somehow knew she was being targetted and fled into hiding, faking her own death with Mireno's help. Naturally they kept coming and she worked out one of the 11th had turned traitor, at which point she cut all ties with anyone, sealed all her power inside the Great Guide's necklace and gave it to the Golden Clone, either in an attempt to fool the power or her pursuers.

The other members of the clan fell one by one or went underground. Mireno was apparently 'captured' by the First Clan and forced to work for them. The Golden Clone was also eventually captured and kept in a specially designed Soul Prison. Kitty, Fuerza and Crystal, being the last remaining free members of the clan came together on Blanciel and formed the Blanciel Resistance against the 1st Clan Alliance, with Crystal kept as a sentry in Oreton to keep watch on the Fortress.

The Cavern of Memories is temporally unstable, resulting in DMP's body being shifted to a few moment before his death. It took years for him even to regain consciousness, waking in the year 2025, when he headed for Alfea. From there he retrieved the Dark Amulet from Musa and managed to run into the Blanciel Resistance by accident, tying the two groups together.

Mireno's traitorous nature was only discovered when The Rift retrieved ABI and ran into Crystal at Room 11. The two organisations ended up forming their own alliance against the First clan alliance. Their most recent attack freed Rho and Zee as well as confirming the presence of the Golden Clone in the Soul prison without the Great Guide's necklace. Currently they are seeking a way to get her out and to find the missing Estantia.

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