11th Clan Timeline Notes

The 11th Clan Timeline Notes is a document found on Estantia's computer after her death. From these and other files the comics and cartoons in Coinciverse were constructed. They are extremely messy and the contents of them mostly appeared to be in Estantia's head, however it does mark out the rough shape of things, though it is suspected that some key bits are in the wrong places.

Warning: Major Spoilers ahead.

The File


Season plan-out

Est+D meet, Mireno joins.
Plat soon after.
Tournament arc mid-season (Crystal and Digenten)
Master trio: Complications
Maze/ fuzzy bits? Have to get out while time and stories unravel? - intro to worldlets, abi
UYD, Sebjon.
D’s mindscape and the ancient past (Duelmaster origin, perhaps plat backstory)

Blanciel (Neutral Ground)
Light amulet/dark clone (though in season 1)
Master trio. Complications? Elven World? (shift)
Plat tournament - find plat was split, maybe collect?
Clone creation, the great guide’s necklace.
Silver colony: The master’s beginning.
The secondary items (scuro, attempt to get est to betray)
First darkness, dirfuhser
Family ties, rho and zee
Destination dreamland (+ cupboardy?) Clones join.

Alfea (note, stories cont through 3+4)
Blanciel 3: Kitty
Sebjon leaves
Judgement (Est role change)
mini: cavern of memories (alphios) (makes next mission harder)
mini: the shop in the city
Ultimate clone (creation)
crossovers for alfea?
Three from the edges (see below)
Emo jay arc?
Reality checkpoint (ult clone pt 2)


Chibi ep (extra)
Magicseekers (lost children inc? Movie?)

Future (movie?)

Fuzzy bit aka multiverse arcs: Led into by Three from the edges. Evil alternate world
(ankh), this machine (original+lost, almost retconned), Abi’s backstory

Blanciel (Neutral Ground): Bad relations between Blanciel/Earth, asked to step in as
diplomats by government. D+Plat go to Blanciel, Estantia goes to Earth. Blanciel don’t like
darksiders and attack D when he tries to stop 1st clan taking over. DMP injured, Plat
distracts and leads mob away while D hides in alley. Fuerza curious, then comes and
heals D, saying about how they’re so closed-minded etc.
Results: Fuerza has joined your party! Estantia highly respected (referred to as an upper

Light amulet: storm 1st clan base

The Machine
The Machine 2
The Land
The Machine 4
The Machine 5 The early ones all had other names eg. The land
The Window
An Old Memory
Use Your Destiny
An old and a missing ally
Unexpected Voyage
Complications Familiars-the next story (look below)
DMP’s part of tournament starts.
Where Am I Enslaved in Familiars, fight in comp then goes back
Destination dreamland
MIA - MIA Estantia appears within.
The relic, The mage and something cupboardy.

Familiars world: Familiars-the next story begins, when they leave the school for the
second time events in complications in that world begin to happen.
In the gap between Estantia wandering and turning up injured she is in fight that gets seen
a little of in familiars the next story. Panic and move to DMP.
In the relic the mage and something cupboardy she is called to a battle and fights,
but can’t fully make it back to the right world and passes out in bird form in familiars world,
back to familiars next story a few days later when people see her in circus. Then Free Will
or Fate begins. Third in that world with ‘Master’

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