Alianne McCourt is a Doctor who found Howitz when he arrived in Coinciverse and now is second-in-command of Healers and Medics at The Rift.

General information.

Name: Alianne McCourt (Ali)
Gender: Female
Origin: Coinciverse
Species: Human
Magical abilities: Healing
Specialism: Field medic and Soul specialism
Faction: The Rift
Eye colour: Honey-brown
Height: 5'7
Hair: Blonde-brown to mid-shoulderblade normally worn in a ponytail. Clip to keep her fringe out of her eyes. (Probably backup computer)
Usual outfit: Doctor's labcoat, t-shirt and jeans. Heavily laden belt.
Usually Carrying: Medkit (contents not fully known), innumerable small things in pockets.

Personality: Bouncy and cheerful. She is… refreshingly normal compared to most people at the Rift. This doesn't stop her getting annoyed or sad, but generally covers it with a cheerful demeanour, if only so that no-one else knows how she's feeling.
Other: Head of Medics, second in command of Healers and Medics.

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