Blanciel is the name of a planet which is the homeworld of the Shuran (pronounced sure-ann), a race of anthropomorphic animals, largely mammals and birds. It is also used as the name of the universe that contains it. The universe focuses on Blanciel and Earth.

General Information

The Shuran culture values and promotes the Lightsider qualities and strengths of the aura system, including academic achievement, planning, forethought and reserve. Dark types (and to a lesser extent Silver types) are traditionally discriminated against to the point where Dark types found on Blanciel can be jailed or exiled for no reason. Given Nagisa's appearence, reptiles and underground communities of Dark and Silver types probably exist.

Blanciel was attacked by the The First Clan but has now been liberated by the Blanciel Resistance and The Rift. However in doing so their headquarters was destroyed and they have now relocated to Alfea school for fairies in the Winx Universe.

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