Captain Amaya

Captain Amaya (First name unknown) is the founder and head of the Rift Organisation.

General information.

Name: Captain Amaya (First name unknown)
Gender: Female.
Origin: Coinciverse
Species: Human.
Magical abilities: Low-power null.
Specialism: Non-magic combat.
Faction: The Rift
Eye colour: Green
Height: Short, 5'0"
Hair: Straight flaming ginger, kept in bun. Length unknown.
Usual outfit: Army camouflage trousers and jacket with insignia over a white top. Army beret.
Usually carrying: AK47, twin pistols, (at least) two knives, a paintball gun and gods know how many other weapons. Computer watch and a backup computer or two, no-one is sure where.

Personality: Appears prickly and gruff, practical and grounded with iron control over herself when required, though prefers not to exercise it. Has little patience with fools, an infamous temper and very strong presence/will despite no magical capacity. Cares a great deal for her people.


  • Very good with guns of all kinds.
  • Good with knives.
  • Good with hand-to hand combat.
  • Good with improvised weapons.
  • Skilled at sabotage, espionage, stealth and a variety of other things, though keeps these quiet.
  • Resistant to direct magic of all kinds.


Pre 2012

Was in the British Army and managed to get promoted to Captain. For her ability at close range and abnormal situations she was assigned to guard the Rift at Warwick University. No-one knows about what she did before the Army.


Under Amaya's direction the Rift grew, though the early years were difficult as they had no proper healer. Ali and Howitz joining in 2014 helped significantly but rifts were appearing 'all over the ing place', and once Chak was summoned it truly started to grow and stabilise.

She now runs an organisation that stretches all over the world and into a few others. Despite the nature of the things she fights, she remains practical and grounded.

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