Cara Maria is a former Starfleet Officer who left Starfleet on discovering her friends were being targetted for knowing too much.

General information.

Name: Cara Maria (Formerly Cara Maria Mil)
Gender: Female
Origin: Star Trek
Species: 50% Human (Spanish), 50% Betazoid
Magical abilities: Empathic Synaesthesia, mental shift.
Specialism: Physical Combat, Counselling, Science.
Faction: The Rift
Eye colour: Black
Height: 5'2
Hair: Black hair to mid-shoulderblade normally worn in a ponytail.
Usual outfit: Brown cloth jacket, cream shirt, mid-brown cloth trousers and supple shoes. Will always have her back, Right shoulder and right calf covered in some way.
Usually Carrying: Two bladed fire fans and a type one phaser hidden. Computer worn clipped to neck of t-shirt.

Personality: Quiet and calm, fairly reserved, but can firmly take control when required, which she calls 'crisis mode'. Occasionally shifts to being 'Feral'. In this state she will fight or flee, bleeding emotions to anyone nearby so that they feel the same thing she does.
Other: Liason between The Rift and the Blanciel Resistance

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