Cheeky is the wisecracking tech guy who is the head of IT and communications at The Rift. He technically counts as one of the Golden Bonded.

General information.

Name: Cheeky (No-one can find his actual name)
Gender: Male
Origin: Star Trek
Species: Human (we're pretty sure he's not a monkey)
Magical abilities: Non mage. Bearer of the Light Ring.
Faction: The Rift
Height: Short, 5'1"
Eyes: Light green
Hair: Floppy, messy mouse-brown.
Usual outfit: Casual clothing, usually a brown jacket and flexible cloth trousers.
Usually carrying: Computers, many. Various small things in many pockets.
Other: Monkey-like proportions and movements.

Personality: Usually grinning and joking, a prankster and computer genius. Always friendly and offering an ear, gives a lot more of a damn than it appears. Unofficially morale officer.


  • Very Skilled Hacker
  • Fixing computers
  • Anything to do with computers
  • Multi-tasking to the extreme
  • Talking to people
  • Stealth
  • Making new inventions
  • Bearer of the Light Ring (makes him a mage of sorts)
  • Birthright.


Star Trek

He originates from somewhere in the south of England with a very fussy family. His family own the lands which include the Arthurian Cavern and he has two sisters. Apart from that all that is known about his time before DS17 is that he travelled around dealing with computers.

Cheeky ended up on DS17 when the Gorn war was taking place, a young Lieutenant Junior Grade called Cara who had just been dumped with the role of Chief Science Officer was given the task of sorting the civilians into groups to back up the minimal starfleet force present at the station. Cheeky and Tholos were in the group she asked to assist her in Science. Cheeky often jokes that from Estantia's end he was created for an Orion slave girls joke with Cheeky as a descriptor for the NPC. However both he and the name stuck when it turned out he was fun to have around, becoming the 'comic relief' duo with Tholos.

He, Tholos and Cara became fast friends with an unspoken agreement between the three of them that they didn't discuss their pasts. He retained his status as the ship's prankster when he became an NCO, and although it took him at *least* two tries, he eventually managed to pass the Starfleet Academy exam to eventually climb to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and was assigned to DS17 permanently. It was at this point that the USS Polk disaster occurred and Cara left Starfleet. The pair were then contacted by Cara, who revealed that she had saved both Walker and Kolk after discovering that the supposed training exercise was an assassination plot. Cheeky and Tholos then became her source of information from inside the fleet. Eventually, however, they were found out and DS17 was conveniently attacked while a spacial anomaly from Eratis was messing up sensors. Cheeky and Tholos managed to escape on a stolen and badly damaged shuttlecraft. While they were trying to get through the fight in one piece they accidentally managed to fall through the spacial anomaly into the Nexus and from there into the main hanger of The Rift.

The Rift

Since then Cheeky has been working as the boss of pretty much anything involving computers and tech with Tholos handling the hardware side. Cheeky also runs communications and the organisation's betting pool which appears to be very good at producing funding. Recently he has appeared to be calming down and relaxing more, carrying out less pranks and tending more towards the listening and cheering people up side of things.

Commander-level clearance or direct involvement only.

Recently Cheeky has been being affected more and more by his his heritage, being a direct descendant of King Arthur. It appears that circumstance is trying to pressure him into becoming 'The Once and Future King', 'The Lord Above' or various other titles which refer to much the same thing. Keep an eye on him please.

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