It is the year 2025 and all is not well.

The universe has been, split, merged, folded, spindled mutilated and generally abused.

This is the universe in which The Rift is based.

This universe is newly open and newly discovering magic.

General Information


Computer technology in this era has holographic interfaces for computers being relatively common, the computers themselves tend to be miniaturised, often set into jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, watches and broaches.

Transport-wise, an easily viable alternative to fossil-fuel is yet to truly take hold, but hydrogen and electric cars are steadily gaining popularity. With the advent of magic it seems possible that the use of portals and flight/darkspeed will help with cutting down pollution and car use. The shift of energy sourcing from fossil fuels towards magic is likely to assist in this considerably, and even now people are working in partnership with the mages of the Rift to develop new technologies to take advantage of this new source of energy. The research is being quite tightly controlled however, as in a statement from the Rift, Commander Amaya has said that it would be 'too easy' for mages to be used as slaves and they need to work out how to prevent this before the developments are released on a wider scale.

America continues to lose power in the political arena, but overall the field of politics hasn't changed much, if anything then no-one has really gained power. As a general trend people seem to be losing faith in their governments, though small countries are doing notably better. It should also be noted that current opinions about the Rift are divided. Many say they have too much power, however many of the general public think well of them due to their assistance in the Ritual attacks of October 2025.

Minority rights have been steadily improving and it has recently been discovered that one of the more active campaign organisers is actually one of the higher ups in the Rift. It has also been discovered that the branches of the Rift in less advantaged countries recruit people from the local area and let them decide how to use the supplies and funding to best effect. Environmental campaigns and pollution/energy concerns have also been improving. With the advent of people who are more attuned to the earth, air and water it is expected that this will improve, especially as some mages will be able to speak to the animals and trees. It is theorised that some of these people already exist, as the levels of pollution in the south of England seem to be dropping for no confirmed reason, many suggest it is simply a result of increased plant growth, but there is no proof that there are more plants, the result of natural magic forming in the earth itself or widespread magical activity.


Before the Ritual in 2025 the Universe's power was tied to religions in five 'pillars' of faith represented by the following:

  • Christianity: Incorporated mono-theistic worship, represented by the abrahamic faith of Christianity.
  • King Arthur (aka the Once and Future King or the Lord above): Also covered folklore.
  • The Egyptian dynasty: Tied into Pantheonic religions such as Norse, Greek and Roman.
  • The Emperor of Japan (aka the Spirit King): Ties into spirit worship and reincarnation-based faiths.
  • The Tribal worship of Africa: Tied into ancestor and nature worship among others.

Though it is difficult to precisely define where these 'pillars' start and end it is certain that each one of them either fell of its own accord or were attacked, metaphysically destabilising the Universe to the point of collapse.

The universe was non-magical in nature, the power of the soul expressed in terms of talent. Magic started to seep in slowly as the 1st clan attempted to merge their universe (11th clan universe) with Coinciverse, this is why the pillars needed to all, so they destroyed them, the final one being completed in the attack on the Vatican where the Pope and priests were used (messily) to desecrate the Basilica.

This caused space to warp and become unstable, at which point Alex Stuart, Ben Firth, Jon Harding, Alexander Allen and Rachel Durrant underwent a new ritual to make the Universe run on the Aura/Element System instead.

Post Ritual

The Ritual also involved choosing what is best described as new 'parameters' for the Universe, including, among other things:

  • How magic would develop in a mage: constant increase from birth to final level
  • Average power level: Most are low level (this could be weak or specialised) with occasional high level ones.
  • How many would become mages: 50% or those born from the ritual onwards increasing to 100% over the next 5-10 years
  • The distribution of magic in the Earth itself: Spread evenly, though it will move to congregate at sites of natural or believed significance

Coinciverse is now counted as an Open Universe, meaning that it is much easier to travel in and out than it was previously.

The old pillars appear to be trying to reaffirm themselves however, as representatives of all five have come to light.

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