Experience Costs

Experience (XP) Allows you to buy skills and do other interesting things. It is gained by participating in sessions or getting involved with the plot in other ways. Be warned, your GM may be inventive.

Each full session usually gives around 2-3 Experience points (XP) with FP given as the GM considers appropriate, usually when ending an arc (section) of the campaign. Again, this is GM discretion, Estantia often chooses to do it by (sessions-1) * 3 or sessions * 2. Alternatively other rewards like Refresh may be given for significant plot advancement.

Experience costs

Costs for different things are as follows:

Brushstroke: 1FP = +2, 2FP = +4, 3FP = +6. Brushstrokes capped at 3FP.

Tree: 6XP, get base skill free.
Abilities: 2 + tier XP (A first/base tier ability is 3XP)
Abilities and trees from a different Aura: 4+tier XP (A first/base tier ability is 5XP)
Stat increase: XP cost = value of stat buying, so increasing to 6 would cost 6XP.

Note about buying abilities: You cannot learn the opposite Aura’s skills. If you are a Dark you cannot learn Light (& vice versa). If you are a Gold you cannot learn Silver (& vice versa).

Currently under debate

  • Paying for enchanted items using XP.
  • Allowing single skills to be bought without getting the tree (this is unlikely)
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