The Familiars universe is a Fantasy universe mostly focussed on a single large country. The country is split roughly in half by a large westerly flowing river, the magic in either half is also radically different.

General Information

  • Identifying name: Familiarsverse
  • Significant places:
    • North: School of Mastery, Unicorn's Glade, Dragon Mountain, Griffin Canyon, Eagle's Cliff, the Forest Plateau.
    • South: Yandesa (City of angels)
  • Main Inhabitants: Humans, winged humans, any animal (mythical and non mythical) known to man.
  • Magic: Yes.
    • North: Element system.
    • South: Academic (varied)
  • Status: Open.
  • Important organisations: School of Mastery, the Wizard's council of Yandesa, the Original familiars.
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