Howitzer Voltanis Elderwood is a priest, paladin and chosen of the The Judge who is second in command of The Rift, head of Interuniversal Relations and Training & Research and also one of the Estantia.

General information.

Name: Howitzer Voltanis Elderwood (Howitz)
Gender: Male
Origin: Scarred Lands
Species: Human.
Magical abilities: Priestly and magical abilities (The Judge). Light/Gold/Wind mage. ???
Faction: The Rift
Height: Tall, 6'2"
Eyes: Grey, can vary from dark to light to brown-tinted. (Even without magic active)
Hair: Long straight black (technically very dark brown, it's easier to call it black) hair to lower back, usually tied into a horsetail with a ribbon (dark blue or white).
Usual outfit: Long dark blue skirt or dove grey trousers, white shirt. In battle often wears armour and a black and white tabard.
Usually carrying: Staff, computer, journal, pencil, knife.
Other: Soul bond with Chak Terrin.

Personality: Calm and polite, happy to help or assist in any way that they can. It is very difficult to irritate him, the main things that do so are injustice and stupidity (usually when combined).


  • Priest of the Judge: Can bring people back from near death to stability, can call Holy, can imbue a person, weapon or area with power (sanctify). Scales of Life.
  • 3rd Circle Mage (Holy): Holy Blast, channel for the Judge, Interrogate, Terrifying aspect.
  • Wind Mage, secondary elements: Fire, water, theoretical manipulation of lightning.
  • Light/Gold Mage: Network, channel network.
  • Limited symbol magic
  • Prophetic dreams
  • Soul gaze and dive. Channeling debatable.
  • Fighting with staff (good) and sword (not very well)
  • Gods know what else.


Scarred Lands

Was raised as the heir of the Elderwood monastery into a family of staunch Judgites. Gained a dislike of Dark Judgites, discovered the existence of the Light side of the Judge and set out to restore that side of the faith. Helped to defeat Eivah (saving the world #1), defended Errinstown and assisted in the creation of the Republic of Errinstown, helped to save the Judgite Council, was a member of the Judgite Council, brought back the faith and then was ordered by the possessed head of his order to fight Demorrigan in a suicide charge, managing to save several others by letting hismelf be killed and put into a soulstone.

At this point his life gets metaphysically complicated. In the Scarred Lands his soulstone was shattered and used to fuel a spell that saved (the necromancer) Rattigan's life. This means that canonically, he does not exist in that universe and never can exist in that universe again. However, Estantia gave him the chance for his mind to escape by following the bond they shared. By doing this he was saved, but the manner of his death means that he is under a Ban: he may never exist in the Scarred Lands universe. He can pretend to be something else, but he may never appear as himself.

Coinciverse (pre 2025)

He suddenly appeared in Coinciverse in a coma near University Hospital in Coventry by Ali, a nurse at the hospital. A large portion of his memories were sealed away, however he learned to adapt to modern life and got a Masters in Theology and politics, going on to become a professor at the University when they unexpectedly came across Captain Amaya and her unit fighting Azure Shadows from Guild Wars. He requested Ali's assistance in the fight and both of them ended up joining The Rift.

Being the only magical healer Howitz was worked nearly to exhaustion in the few years following. Eventually he came up with a drastic plan and went to the Celestial Realm of the Scarred Lands to request that the healer of his group, Chak, be allowed to join the Rift to heal and to teach others how to heal, knowing that he had founded the Medical School in Errinstown/Farcry. Despite only managing to get to the Celestial Realm as it is never directly seen by canon his request was granted by the Gods and the Judge directly formed a tie between Howitz and himself/the realm, granting him the abilities of a 3rd Circle Mage.

With a proper department of healers the Rift began to flourish and stabilise, becoming an international organisation Howitz ended up being second in command of.

Coinciverse (2025 onwards)

After dealing with the temporal confusion of having multiple versions of Lex's group present in the same time frame Lex produced what was undoubtedly Howitz's soulstone, which should have been destroyed in the Scarred Lands. It also brought to light just how shattered Howitz's soul was, as it became clear that it contained his ability to feel deep emotions. On the restoration of this part of his soul his power nearly doubled (going from 7 to 11 Karma) and resulted in emotional chaos, leading to him accidentally letting slip to Chak how he felt. He was more than slightly surprised when Chak felt the same way and they became a couple.

Estantia's power trying to find its way back to her and Howitz's missing memories bringing more of that magic with them resulted in a buildup of Estantia's power and personality that threatened to overwrite his own at the time of the Ritual when the seal on his memories broke, allowing all the parts of his soul to come together and be recognised again. With Chak's help Howitz managed to resist the pull of The Tapestry and Estantia's personality and power were separated from him, forming The Fairy. This then left Howitz to take up residence in Lex's soul when he directly accepted part of the Weaver's power.

As such, Howitz is understandably worried about Lex, knowing how strong the Tapestry is. Howitz has since managed to accidentally form a Soul Bond with Chak, fought Sebjon and needed to call on the Tapestry to survive.

Currently Howitz and Chak are on a walking holiday through Russia to try and get back to Howitz's origins and give him a rest while informing the more remote areas of the world about what happened in the Ritual.

Accumulated Titles

Sir Howitzer Voltanis Elderwood of the Republic of Errinstown (Scarred Lands) and the Order of the Staff of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Coinciverse)
The blessed Priest, Paladin and Chosen of the Light Judge.
Member of the Judgite council, representative of the Light Judge and restorer of the worship of the aspect of the Light Judge.
Heir to the Elderwood monastery, founder and owner of the Farcry monastery.
Martyr and Saint Howitz the merciful of the Judge (the latter is usually dismissed on grounds of blatant inaccuracy and the recorder's inability to pronounce sainthood).
Holy third circle mage of the Judge.
Second in Command of the Rift organisation, Head of the departments of Inter-universal Relations and Training & Research.
Professor Howitzer Voltanis Elderwood (PhD) of Theology and Politics at Warwick University. (Doctorate also)
Blessed founder and leader of the Judgite church (in Coinciverse).

Preferred address: Howitz.
Preferred formal address: Sir Howitzer Voltanis Elderwood, priest of the Judge.
Note: Please don't try and saddle him with more titles.

Alternates and Networks

Through the use of the skill network Howitz can learn about and temporarily channel the abilities of those within the network. He currently has two networks he can access, each with various members.

Golden Bonded:

  • Estantia
  • Cara Maria
  • Mojay
  • Taro?
  • Cheeky?


  • Ischarion (Winged)
  • Ischarion (8th)
  • Flowing Silk Ribbon
  • The greek (Odyssey)
  • Alternate timelines of his own life (view only)
  • Howitz (Trek)
  • Alphonse?
  • Others not yet known.
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