Magic is a difficult thing to define or explain as it is slightly different in every universe and even how it feels for every user.

Life is magic, magic is life. This means that everything that is alive has magic in some way and that everything with magic has the capability for life. A mage is someone who uses that magic to affect themselves, others or the world around them, other names for magic users imply a certain kind of magic, for example a -mancer often has powers relating to the prefix and a Wizard is far more academic, usually using defined spells from pre-existing spellbooks.

The form that magic takes depends on the universe, but several basic principles seem to be relatively constant:

  • Magic and the capability for magic is tied to the Soul. This is why 'the magic of life' is a common phrase and often true.
  • Belief is the key to using power and Will is the key to controlling it.
  • Power is neither good nor evil, but some kinds are more inclined to break people than others.
  • Magic is often easier with pretty effects, this is partially why rituals and incantations help, and they also help to focus your mind on the task.
  • Sometimes magic cannot be controlled, these are generally bad situations to be in.
  • The more power you wield the less humanity you have.

Some common structures for magic are Element-based (though these can be 4, 5, 6 or even 7 element systems) or themed (for example Thread mage, weather mage, metal mage). The magical framework Coinciverse seems to adopt for its own is a dual system known as the Aura/Element System, working with both five Elements and five Auras.

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