This page describes the basic mechanics of the Coincidence system, which is based on the FATE system.

Conflict Resolution

The main conflict resolution mechanic is dice rolls. There are four types of conflict, mechanically; any of these kinds can relate to a physical, mental, social, magical etc. conflict.

  • Simple roll
  • Contested roll
  • Extended contest
  • Combat

Simple Roll

The character rolls 4df and adds whichever ability score applies. They also add bonuses from brushstrokes and bonuses from abilities.

If they have spent mana to boost their roll (or for various other reasons) they may be awarded bonus dice. Any successes on the bonus dice are added to the total.

This total is compared to the Difficulty of the roll, which is decided by the GM.

If the total exceeds the Difficulty, the character succeeds at what they were trying to do.

If the roll equals the Difficulty, they only just succeed.

If the roll doesn't reach the Difficulty, they do not necessarily fail; it can be better to apply "Yes, but…". Sometimes, however, they just don't succeed.

It should be noted that the degree to which the total exceeds or fails to meet the Difficulty indicates the degree of success or failure.

Contested roll

Two characters roll up a total, as though for a Simple Roll. Whichever of them gets the higher roll wins the contest.

Again, the difference in their totals indicates degree of success or failure.

Extended contest

Whenever a character rolls in an Extended Contest, the difference between their Total and the Difficulty of the task is added to their Score.

One can have an Extended Contest trying to, say, repair a giant Mecha.

One can also have a Contested Extended Contest; for example, a chase scene.

In a contested contest such as this, we recommend that the objective is to reach a certain Score before your opponents; if the objective is to get X more score than the opponents it can result in a lot of back-and-forth to go nowhere.


Combat is too complex to describe here; see the main Combat article for details. In essence each combatant takes turns to make Contested Rolls to decrease the HP, SP, or MP of the foe to zero.

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