Mojave Lian (Mojay) is an Amunsari wemic talismancer from the Maelstrom Universe who is the of head of Refugee Concerns at the Rift.

General information.

Name: Mojave Lian (Mojay). Pronounced Mo-yay.
Gender: Female
Origin: maelstrom, Amun-sa
Species: Wemic
Magical abilities: Talismancer and thread mage.
Specialism: Imbuement, organisation.
Faction: The Rift
Eye colour: Green
Height: 5'8
Hair: Long dark brown hair the same colour as her stripes. This is almost never seen under her blue headscarf.
Fur: Sand coloured points with a brown base and dark brown stripes.
Usual outfit: Cornflower blue dress and light blue headscarf tied in place with white headscarf and a blue flower. Woven yellow necklace, pale blue overskirt. Occasionally wears leather armour, a cardigan or blue cloth trousers, depending on the temperature.
Usually Carrying: A 6ft staff and a large white bag over one shoulder.

Personality: Quiet and calm, fairly reserved and often quite shy, but can firmly take control when required, which she calls 'crisis mode'. (Yes, this is very similar to Cara)
Other: Has a very good singing voice.

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