The Nexus is the space between universes. It is essentially a way for your mind to perceive the multiverse and the general properties of different places.

You can see other universes from the Nexus, the relations between them and if they are open or closed. For example universes in a cluster are likely to be similar or closely connected. You can also see connective worldlets and occasionally fixed worldlets that have sprung up or been created if they're attached to connective worldlets.

Like many worldlets or not-quite real places, distance, gravity, time and perception are subjective, though there are themes in common. Travel-wise, you go in the direction you're interested in and as fast as your urgency. It is effectively a void, as the space between has no substance or affiliation with any kind of magic, though it does not stop any. Physical bodies and spirits can still exist there on the same level of reality and walk on nothing only to fly through where the 'ground' was a moment before.

General Information

  • Identifying name: Nexus (Coincidence)
  • Category: Connective Worldlet (technically)
  • Defining concept: Nothing / outside / between.
  • Significant places: Access to all Universes in the multiverse, all connective worldlets.
  • Known Inhabitants: Random wanderers eg. Cirrasa.
  • Status: Accessible from all universes. Not accessible from other Multiverses.
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