Notable Npcs

There are many NPC's in Coincidence, and keeping track of them can be difficult.

The Rift

  • Captain Amaya - Commander of the Rift
  • Cheeky - The Tech Guy.
  • Taro Carr - Yu-gi-oh card and symbol mage.
  • Cara - Former Starfleet officer. Empath and liason to the Blanciel Resistance.
  • Howitz - Priest, paladin and mage of the Judge. Light/Gold wind mage.
  • Chak - Healer and paladin of the Judge. Neutral Earth mage.
  • Mojay - Talismancer wemic from Amun-sa.
  • Ali - Medic, second in command of healers and medics.
  • Carlie - Amaya's secretary and head of Admin.
  • Tholos - Cheeky's Andorian friend, engineer.
  • Isabella - Head of her unit, composed of people from C&C universe and other strays she rounded up on the way.
  • Henrietta - Explosives expert, was an engineer training to be a commando in C&C, Isabella's team.
  • Lee - Another healer, Isabella's team, redhaired and irish.
  • Veteran - Head of his unit, the callsign says it all.
  • Greeny - Healer of Veteran's unit, plant mage and druid descendant.
  • Bulldozer, Trigger, Sparks, Techie - Other members of Veteran's unit.
  • Jayne - Young student mage who works with the old magic, largely earth and water.
  • Sara - Female Liontaur messenger.
  • Hessian - Siege Devourer from Guild Wars, currently stationed in Africa. Giant two-tailed scorpion.
  • ABI - AI Light/Gold mage with partial memory banks, formerly 11th Clan.
  • Samson - Pegasus Fire/Wind mage. Ben's familiar from familiarsverse
  • Yui - Dragon mind mage. Jon's disembodied familiar from familiarsverse
  • Kibwe - Head of the Kenyan base and inheritor of the Tribal pillar.
  • Imani - Cook and earth mage, Kenyan base.
  • Furaha - Medic and dagger user at the Kenyan base, bit of a temper.

Spirits and Sponsors.

  • Light Ring: Fairy/Galadriel-esque fairy, talks in light blue and only heard by Light types.
  • Gold Bands: Eagle / Phoenix, Talks in orange and only heard by Gold types
  • Neutral Sash: Pine martin / Chinese dragon, talks in teal and only heard by Neutral types.
  • Silver Circlet: Koi / Great Koi, talks in grey and only heard by Silver types.
  • Dark Gauntlets: Cat / Panther, talks in purple and only heard by Dark types.
  • The Lord Below/Pendragon: Giant red dragon. Usually mindspeaks, can control his voice to speak normally.
  • The Fairy: Looks like a child version of Estantia but with wings of rainbow streamers. Occasionally speaks in Gold when empowered by the Weaver.
  • The Weaver: Heavyweight. Weaver of Fate, minder of the tapestry, fate itself, the storyteller… speaks in Gold
  • Gaia: Heavyweight. Otherwise known as mother nature / any nature deity. Speaks in Green
  • The Shadow Realm /Bakura: Lord of the Shadow Realm and Taro's father. has a kingdom of duel monsters under his command and likes to play games. Ambiguously chaotic.
  • The Once and Future King/ King Arthur / The Lord Above: Minor Sponsor (under Gaia), representative of the Folklore pillar. The power goes through the bloodline, is currently on the third major reincarnation with the previous ones inside their mind.

Blanciel (Resistance unless stated otherwise)

  • Fuerza - Rabbit Shuran, joint commander in chief, Neutral mage and bearer of the Neutral Sash, former 11th Clan member.
  • Kitty - Fox Shuran, joint commander in chief, Light/Silver hybrid, former 11th Clan member.
  • Alphonse - Dove Shuran, Gold mage, professor of Blanciel university and Head of Research.
  • Other commanders include a long white-furred cat Shuran and a Squirrel Shuran.
  • DMP - Human Dark mage, bearer of the Dark Amulet, co-founder of the former 11th Clan. Often absent, not native to Blanciel.
  • Aurora - Penguin Shuran Gold mage, may be moving to the Rift.
  • Nagisa - Naga (Snake Shuran with human torso) Silver mage, metal arms and may be moving to stay permanently at the Rift.
  • Alice - New bearer of the Gold Amulet. Affiliated with the Resistance but tends to work alone as she doesn't have much control over the Gold amulet's power.
  • Old female avian Shuran - a professor at the university, not part of the resistance.
  • The Archives Librarian - keeps watch over the more dangerous texts ad very protective of them. Not of the Resistance
  • Rho (girl) & Zee (boy) - Anthropomorphic Cat twins. Light Mages, children of Sebjon and Difuhser. Former 1st and 11th Clan.
  • Crystal - Silver Mage that specialises in dark spells and Platinum's sister. Former 11th Clan member.

Golden Feather Organisation

  • Amanda Swansea - Appears to be Estantia. MIA.
  • Henry Higgins - Appears to be Azurit.
  • Jonathon - Silver mage, in communication with the Rift. Ish.
  • Unknown other members.

11th Clan (dissolved)

  • DMP: Co-founder, Dark mage, Duel Master and bearer of the Dark amulet. Thought dead, apparently not.
  • Estantia: Co-founder, Great Guide and Gold mage, bearer of the Gold amulet. Thought dead, apparently complicated.
  • Mireno: Light mage, traitor. Now 1st Clan.
  • Platinum: Silver/Dark mage. Dead.
  • Fuerza: See above.
  • Kitty: See above.
  • Hanz: Dark/Fire mage, dead.
  • Rho & Zee: See above.
  • Golden Clone: Gold/Dark clone of Estantia (with parts of DMP). Whereabouts unknown, sanity questionable. Former 1st Clan.
  • Dark Clone: Clone of DMP, dark mage. Existence currently questionable. Former 1st Clan.
  • ABI: AI Light/Gold mage. Was forcibly shut down by Mireno. Most of her data is still at Room 11 under a lockdown spell.

1st Clan

  • Arbiter (current name): Leader of the 1st Clan, has many names. Light Mage, hereditary heir. Bearer of the Light Amulet.
  • Mireno: See above.
  • Sebjon: Silver Soul mage. Bastard of the highest degree. Former Silver Amulet bearer. Dead (in theory).
  • Digenten: AI hologram. Light mage.
  • Alphios: AI hologram. Light/Gold mage, reality manipulator.
  • Scuro: Dark mage, ninja/assassin.
  • Difuhser: Dark mage, seductress/infiltrator. Wife of Sebjon.


  • 8th Clan Leader: Silver and Fire mage, brother of Ischarion (8th). Not to be confused with Ischarion (Winged)
  • Ischarion (8th): Silver/Light mage, head of the 8th clan's university and brother of the leader.
  • Thomas: Dark/Silver/Neutral hybrid of the 8th Clan.
  • Capt. Walker, Jackford, Howitzer (Trek), Mojay (Trek): Other members of Cara's crew.
  • Francesca Haelle: Owner of Haelle Antiques, a shop which collects, identifies and sells magical items. can appear *anywhere* in the multiverse.
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