The notation used in the IRC coincidence sessions uses the following colours and traits:

Colours as seen on Mibbit or the wiki.

Black is speech.
Typing /me does stuff, appears as '[your username] does stuff'. It is used as description.
*This Green is description. This colour is also used for nature-based Sponsors such as Gaia/Mother Nature, but note the *
> An arrow in front of description indicates this is a text message, usually sent by computer. Cheeky > Lex Indicates Cheeky sent the message to Lex.
~ Is occasionally used to indicate writing such as a letter or sign, though > may be used instead.
-Mindspeech is done inside hyphens and in this colour.- It's assumed that your friends capable of mindspeech nearby can hear you. If you only want to talk privately use -> Samson: stuff- where Samson is the person being talked to, likewise you can use -> (Lex and Kiwi only) Stuff- to just talk to a few people.
(Internal thoughts are in the same colour as mindspeech, but inside brackets)
OOC speech is in this blue (and encouraged to be in brackets)
Red text is rare and only used by the GM. Otherwise known as Umineko Red, or Red Truth, it means that it is true, but may be misleading. Red may also be used for certain Sponsors.
Yellow or Gold text is used to represent Full and unmisleading truth, and may only be used by someone who knows everything about the situation - usually the GM. Certain sponsors may also use this, particularly the Weaver/Tapestry.


  • If a colour is used for two different things, there is usually something in common between them. For example Nature-aligned beings tend not to speak, but give impressions or images, hence why they use description green.
  • Listeners will be able to tell that someone is speaking in a different colour, as usually it will be infused with their power (Gaia would contain earth or leaves of water, Red truth looks like how it is portrayed here. While this can be faked with illusion, the real deal is immediately obvious.

Colour codes for IRSSI (IRC)

Description: 3
Mindspeech: 5
OOC: 12
Red Truth: 4
Gold Truth: 8

Other non-standard colours of text used normally indicate Sponsors or other being who are so closely tied to what their magic is that it touches everything they do, including speech. This means that it's very important you only use the standard colours and not randomly adopt different ones.

Examples of non-standard beings and their colours:

  • Light Ring: Fairy/Galadriel-esque fairy, talks in light blue and only heard by Light types.
  • Gold Bands: Eagle / Phoenix, Talks in orange and only heard by Gold types
  • Neutral Sash: Pine martin / Chinese dragon, talks in teal and only heard by Neutral types.
  • Silver Circlet: Koi / Great Koi, talks in grey and only heard by Silver types.
  • Dark Gauntlets: Cat / Panther, talks in purple and only heard by Dark types.
  • The Lord Below/Pendragon: Giant red dragon. Usually speaks normally or mindspeaks. If they are acting as a sponsor, it is suspected that they may speak in Red.
  • The Fairy: Looks like a child version of Estantia but with wings of rainbow streamers. Occasionally speaks in Gold when empowered by the Weaver.
  • The Weaver: Heavyweight. Weaver of Fate, minder of the tapestry, fate itself, the storyteller… speaks in Gold
  • Gaia: Heavyweight. Otherwise known as mother nature / any nature deity. Speaks in Green
  • The Shadow Realm /Bakura: Lord of the Shadow Realm and Taro's father. Speaks normally due to having a human body. Suspected that they may speak in purple if not.
  • Delirium: Speaks in magenta.
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