Notes On Skill Trees

….You know what, just read them. Also check out the other terminology pages. They're helpful!

Notes on getting skills

  • These abilities and trees are a GUIDE, not law. If you’re not using the aura system, feel free to use these for inspiration, though be wary of combinations the auras would normally block.
  • This list is not exhaustive, have fun making stuff up yourself.
  • Italics mean they can only be taken by that aura.
  • Each indent stage is called a tier, starting at 1st tier.
  • The symbol -> is showing that the previous skill that in the tier before is a pre-requisite. So Shadow Dance and Shadow Manipulation both require Shadow Space and Mirror, but Summon Darkness only requires Shadow Space and Merge.
  • Tags such as '[Portal]' show a certain type of skill, these tend to either be needed as a prerequisite or have special rules.
  • Skills that don’t require magic should be tagged [NM] - such as much of the martial arts trees. [M] denotes that magic is a prerequisite on a largely Non-Magical tree.
  • Non-magical trees and skills can be gained by anyone, even if they're the opposite aura!
  • Skills with a * are Very Rare, or otherwise unknown to pretty much everyone. There are a few examples of people who know of this skill or know how to use it, but it’s rare.

Notes on using skills

  • Skills in orange/red will warp the caster’s mind (orange is minor and depends on intention, red is major) with each cast until they are no longer sane / a player character. The caster will be aware of this warping effect and will know where it could lead. Warping effects written are not all inclusive, but serve as a guideline for the effects on a character.
  • There is no warping effect if the target has given you permission to use that skill on them.
  • Warping can be purged with sufficient role-play.
  • You can pay less MP when using a skill. 1MP less halves the roll, 2MP less divides the roll by 3 and so on.
  • Spells can be made Area of Effect (AoE) by halving the roll. The GM may allow everyone in the area to use Agility to dodge at a penalty, usually halved. Both penalty and whether the dodge is possible is at GM discretion.
  • You can always attempt to do the same thing as a written ability, but it should be VERY difficult, cost much more MP or both, as you are essentially chucking magic at it and hoping.

Other notes.

Have fun.

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