A pre-industrial world that seems to be governed by an empire run by five Kings.


The Pentarchy universe appears to operate on elemental magic in a five element system: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and what we would call Mind/Soul. Magic is tied to a person's soul and the combined magic, memories and soul is known as a ''Mantle''. This is usually passed down the family line, for example, a father will usually choose to give his magic, memories to his son, dying in the process, but adding his skill to theirs. As a result the most powerful mages tend to be those with long family lines. As a result of this, those with strong gifts are usually nobility or in other positions of power.

The oldest family lines are those of the five Kings, though there are rumours that there is an organisation comprised of those who descend from the original King's wives.

The Barbarians of the world use different kinds of magic, though little appears to be known about these cultures.


The empire is run by five Kings, though technically the Kings of Water, Earth, Air and Fire are only Lords, with the King Animus the ruler of the empire. The Lord each rule over their own section of the empire and have responsibility for what occurs within it, for example the Terris lands are the main source of food and farms in the empire.


  • King Animus: Mind
  • Lord Aquis: Water
  • Lord Pyris: Fire
  • Lord Terris: Earth
  • Lord Aeris: Air
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