Taro Carr

Taro Carr is a wandering mage and troublemaker from a primarily Yu-gi-oh origin.

General information.

Name: Taro Carr (Full name Keitaro Joseph Carr, but he's not told anyone that.)
Gender: Male.
Origin: Yu-gi-oh (Abridged + Series 0)
Species: 50% Human, 25% Demon, 5% Angel… we think.
Magical abilities: Symbol and card mage.
Specialism: Magical combat, games.
Faction: The Rift
Eye colour: Green
Height: 5'11
Hair: White hair to mid-back in a messy anime style with very defined fringe.
Usual outfit: Silk shirt (often light blue or purple) with black trousers. Sleeves and lower legs flared to hide enchanted bracers, shirt often worn slightly open with Millennium Ring underneath.
Usually carrying: Millennium Ring around neck, deck of cards on belt where a sword would be and a pack of spell-strips. Bracers have hidden knives.

Personality: Charming and relaxed, he's someone who can tumble out of situations and still get the person he's annoyed to smile. A true Fool and performer, but with a strong sense of right and wrong and the skill to back up making threats. Not that he likes to, but sometimes the situation calls for it, you know?
Other: Prince of the Shadow Realm.

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