Terminology in the Coincidence campaign is an occasionally quite tricky thing to define. This page is here as a reference to collect other pages and useful bits of information together.

Common abbreviations

  • FP = Fate points. These are fun and explained in the Aspects section.
  • MP = Magic Points/Energy. This is otherwise known as how much energy you have, even for non-mages.
  • HP = Health Points. How much damage you can take before falling over.
  • SP = Sanity/Social/Mental Points. This stat describes your mental condition, whether you’ve seen something mindbending, are being persuaded by someone’s argument or are simply getting hit by a mental attack.
  • XP = Experience points. The experience you pick up along the way. Allows you to learn new things.
  • req = Requires. Pre-req is pre-requisite, you need it to get something else.
  • GM = Game Master. The person currently in control of your destiny and probably cackling evilly.
  • Size levels = The area something affects. These go in increasing order of size: Tiny, Small, Large, Massive… you get the idea.
  • AoE = Area of effect. Essentially something effecting more than one target.
  • DR = Damage Reduction.

Terminology pages

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