The Rift

The Rift is an organisation that many of the main characters belong to. It is based on Earth, mainly in the UK but an international organisation.

What do the Rift do?

The Rift is an organisation which was originally created to deal with the various things that cross over and the situations which occur because of them. We have three main purposes:

  • To protect the world from interuniversal and extranormal threats
  • To be a point of contact between this Universe and others, both for refugees and others.
  • To train the people here in how they can control and use their magic.

The first aim of the Rift derives from its origins in the British military and thus our structure reflects that, though we are technically part of the British Government rather than the Army. However, the Rift as a whole is affiliated with governments all over the world and seen as a mostly neutral party (on the grounds that we have bigger things to worry about).

It should be noted that the three main departments of the Rift are Military Operations, Interuniversal Relations and Training/Research. These departments have their own structure within them, for example Healers and Medics are an autonomous department that assist everyone but technically come under Interuniversal Relations as they do the most work with refugees.

Who are they?

The Rift started out as a single unit of the British military led by Captain Amaya sent to guard against strange creatures coming through a 'Rift' on Warwick University campus in 2012/3. The group started to expand as refugees joined them.

They split off from the military several years later to become a Government Organisation in its own right, composed of people both from that world and others, the refugees they looked after often staying as employees once their lives had stabilised. It is now an international organisation with branches around the world and recently went public with its existence. As such, not much is known about it, but they are seen almost everywhere in helping to fix the damage caused by what is coming to be known as the 'Ritual Battle'.

Chain of command:

  • Head of Organisation. (eg. Captain Amaya)
  • Head of Base. (eg. Captain Amaya: Rift HQ)
  • Head of Department. (eg. Captain Amaya: Military Operations or Howitz: Inter-universal Relations)
  • Head of Section. (eg. Kurt Drastis: First Response or Mojay: Refugee concerns)
  • Head of Group/unit. (eg. Veteran or Suzie)

Members of the Rift

Actual important members of command structure:

  • Captain Amaya: Commander of the Rift, Head of Military Department.
  • Howitzer Voltanis Elderwood (aka Howitz): In charge of Inter-universal Relations and Training & Research. Second in command.
  • Chak Terrin: Head of Healer and Medics. Third in command.
  • Cheeky: Head of IT, Communications and Technology. Unofficially fourth in command and does pretty much anything.
  • Cara Maria: Liason with the Blanciel Resistance. Can step in to support Howitz if required (Inter-universal Relations and Training & Research).
  • Mojave Lian: Head of Refugee concerns. Can step in to support Howitz if required (Training & Research before Inter-universal Relations)
  • Carlie: Captain Amaya's secretary, head of Admin and Military department's second in command.
  • Tholos: Leads the Technology section. Cheeky's second in command.
  • Alianne (Ali) McCourt: Head of Medics, Chak's second in command.
  • Taro Carr: Unofficial poster-boy and PR representative. Can step in to support Howitz if required (Inter-universal Relations before Training & Research)
  • Alex Stuart, Ben Firth, Jon Harding, 'Kiwi' Wiltshire (and a few others): Irregulars, powerful investigation/strike team.

Public Knowledge:

  • Captain Amaya: Leader of the Rift, former Army captain and in charge of the Military Department. Native to this universe.
  • Howitzer Voltanis Elderwood: In charge of Inter-universal Relations and Training & Research. Not native to this universe
  • Chak Terrin: Head of Healer and Medics. Not native
  • Taro Carr: A powerful and experienced mage who appears to be the public face of the organisation. On twitter as TaroCarr and fought on tv in the London Ritual Battle to free the BBC and St. Pauls. Not native.
  • Benjamin Firth: A mage who helped carry out the Ritual. Intends to work with training new mages. Native.
  • Lex, Jon: Two of the other mages who completed the Ritual, the other two remain unknown. Unknown origin, presumed Native
  • AndorianEngineer: A user on twitter who publicly answers questions about the Rift. Not native.
  • CheekyGuy, Apteryx, AliM@Rift: Users on twitter who also appear to be part of the Rift. Unknown origin.
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