Warp refers to the warping of a soul towards insanity, usually through using magic.

General Information

The simple principle of warp is that it twists the soul towards the 'ideal' or stereotypical epitome of a certain kind of magic. In doing so this causes the person to lose their humanity and, as far as a mortal would put it, go insane. Warp is the practical example of a person's power taking them over, and circumstantial proof that the more power you have, the less humanity you have.

  • Each aura is inclined to a certain type of warp.
  • Anyone can suffer any kind of warp.
  • While there are general kinds of categories, each person will react differently.
  • All kinds of insanity will tend to inflict warp.
  • The point at which warp starts to occur is hazy, however it is generally linked to when the actions become cruel in some way.
  • The character gains the aspect 'Warped' beyond a certain point, which can then be compelled and tagged.
  • Tagging the aspect will increase the amount of warp.
  • Warp can always be cured by the person suffering it, this is usually done by deep meditation, sorting their own mind and soul out, straightening it to return to themselves.

Types of Warp

Light: Loses their humanity by getting lost in details, plans, controlling things. The detached cruelty of a scientist.

Notes: Megalomania, cat and mouse, the human controlling the ant farm and the lives inside it.

Example: Everything would be so much better and more efficient if people just listened to me. I know what works and what doesn't. You just need to do this, but they won't agree with me, so I just do this and they'll act that way without me even needing to get involved. See? it works when I run things, your ideas are wrong, I can do so much better, if they won't listen to me I'll make it so they have to do as I say…

Gold: Lose who you are in the performance, give up you in exchange for brilliance. You are the life, the act, the dance, the animal, the magic.

Notes: In more extreme cases when not putting on an act or performance the person can seem dull, lifeless or blank.

Example (Technically Light/Gold warp, but primarily Gold): -Or it may intoxicate him. I saw the tapestry, I saw everything. I learnt more in one second than people could in a lifetime. I am still untangling some things. I saw all the lights in the last reset being snuffed out. I saw all the people being drawn in, I saw every person's fight and the magic and how they used it, and I understood so well how I could use that magic if I wished. I saw stars and planets and the great game. And then I saw a pair of glittering hands trying to catch me and looked down to see eyes like a universe.- He paused, shaking slightly, -If you hadn't done that I wouldn't have noticed, only then did I remember where… or rather who I was. Because for a brief moment I was starlight and fire and life and a just a tiny part that was me looking at it all. And I am so glad I came back.-

Neutral: Lose yourself in caring for others. Self-sacrifice.

Notes: Hero syndrome, often results in caring too much and getting broken or burning themselves up for others.

Example: No! You shut up! Do you know how many people have suffered and died in this place? Can you HONESTLY tell me that people care? I've worked with them, I've seen people starving in the cold while others throw away food after stuffing their faces! I've seen bruises and bleeding, people thrown aside because someone didn't like the colour of their skin or the way they spoke, so no, no I'm NOT going to stop, because the only way to get people to see what it's like for those people is to bring them down to the same level! Otherwise they'll just keep on killing and getting others killed for them. I won't stand for it, and that's why you're going to suffer.

Article in progress notes

Estantia essentially the basic thing is cruelty
15:31 Estantia or rather: losing your self
15:32 Estantia dark: lose yourself, fuck the consequences, impulses rule
15:32 Estantia light: lose yourself in the details, cat and mouse, direct their lives like the human with the ant farm
15:34 Estantia gold:
15:34 Estantia silver: lose your humanity. life and death are playthings, you can make them all dance to your tune, the rules no longer hold you
15:34 fortyCakes|work that's a lot more the consequence than the cause
15:35 Estantia warp is the consequence
15:35 Estantia neutral: this one's hard
15:36 Estantia I think the closest I can think of off the top of my head is to lose yourself in others.
15:36 ben_nbtmn Is it not the classic hero/martyr clompex.
15:36 ben_nbtmn "Harry, I think you might have a saving people thing."
15:36 fortyCakes|work silver warp is also losing empathy, other people don't really count, it's just collateral damage to you
15:36 Estantia either giving too much of yourself away, or giving it away and then getting it broken
15:36 Estantia ben_nbtmn: not always, but that's the common one
15:36 Estantia neutrals are the most likely to burn themselves up
15:37 Estantia next most likely are the golds
15:37 Estantia because oh holy hell pattern magic
15:38 Estantia fortyCakes|work: as stated, silvers lose humanity.morality
15:38 Estantia in a sense ALL of them lose their humanity

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